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SPA+CLINIC magazine cover!

18 November 2015

From the current issue of SPA+CLINIC magazine


Just as Spa+Clinic is celebrating a refresh with a new-look website and logo, medical device and growth factor skincare distributor Avention Global has had something of a facelift itself.

A new company with a slick new website, Architects of Skin, has been set up under the Avention umbrella to embrace the rapidly expanding area of aesthetic device and skincare technology.

And the new brand's "face" worked a treat with our new branding on the cover of this issue!

"Avention Global started out as a company supplying equipment for surgeons in operating theatres," says founder and CEO Stephanie Sherlock.

"But with so much of the new technology we're bringing in being bought by surgeons in the plastic/cosmetic space and also aesthetics therapists, we realised it was time to differentiate it from the surgical equipment."

"The aesthetics sector had no emotional connection with the name Avention Global, so we decided to set up Architects of Skin."

AOS distributes equipment such as ContourLED, which also has a teeth whitening setting, the Eclipse MicroPen for micro-needling and the new Eclipse Tattoo Removal MicroPen TR, which doesn't involve traditional laser solutions (see page 128 for more information).

On the skincare front, AOS distributes da Vinci 21 Growth Factor professional treatments for skin rejuvenation and da Vinci 10 serum for home care; also Factor G6 professional treatments for hair regrowth and take-home serum (See A Growing Concern, page 104).


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