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What are Growth Factors?

Growth Factors are protein molecules made by the body. The body normally produces 0.4 ng/ml worth of its own EGF. They regulate cell division and cell survival and bind to receptors on the cell surface with the result of activating cellular proliferation and/or differentiation.

Some growth factors stimulate cellular division in numerous different cell types while others are specific to a particular cell-type.

They can be produced by genetic engineering in the laboratory and used in biological therapy… and now cosmetically.

Growth factors are used medically for the last 20 years to treat blood diseases and cancers, and they also have a strong history with wound healing.

Today, Growth Factors play a role in skin rejuvenation, hair rejuvenation and cosmetics. Through medical research, companies have been able to identify key growth factors which facilitate age reversal of our skin and hair.

How do growth factors work?

Growth factors typically act as a signalling molecule between cells. Each growth factor has a very unique shape. e.g. a front door key. This key will only open a specific lock. Each receptor on a cell has a very unique shape also. e.g. the front door lock. Once the growth factor (the key) finds its receptor partner (lock) and comes together, an electrical signal is sent to the cell’s nucleus, telling it to “act.” That action in the case of EGF growth factor would be to make more epidermal cells. KGF-2 would tell the cell's nucleus to make more dermal cells.

Is it safe?

da Vinci 10 and da Vinci 21 are made from ingredients that already exist in your body. The ingredients are very inert and the growth factors are made from protein, mimicking the exact shape the bodies own growth factors make.  With more than 500,000 treatments conducted worldwide, there have been zero side effects reported. Please refer to the Instructions for Use guide for a complete listing of indications and contraindications.

How do I use da Vinci 10, da Vinci 21 and Factor G6?

da Vinci 10 is presented in a unique 2 chamber vial, separating the growth factor powder from the HA serum. By simply pressing the top of the bottle once, and gently rolling the ingredients to combine them, you can maintain the 99.5% efficacy of the growth factors.

How often do I apply Growth Factors?

For rapid results, twice daily is ideal. Apply on clean dry skin before applying your regular moisturiser or makeup. Application should preferably be at night if applying daily. If applying twice daily, an early morning and late evening routine is recommended.

How long until I see results?

Immediately your skin will begin to feel smooth and soft. Fine wrinkle will be refined as the cells are hydrated with HA. The HA is being absorbed to provide moisture to your cells so that they are able to perform their proliferation and differentiation tasks. Immediately the growth factors will begin their work, however, accelerated effects will be noticed after 2 weeks of frequent use.

What is the difference between Growth Factors and Peptides?

The difference between peptides and growth factors (which are proteins) is size. Peptides are much smaller compared to proteins. Therefore scientists regard peptides as mini-version of proteins. The peptides can bind to the relevant growth factor receptors. For example, if there is a mini-EGF peptide, it will bind to the EGF receptor. In terms of activity, peptides are much weaker than growth factors, mainly due to the small size of the peptides. When growth factors or peptides bind to the relevant receptor, the binding capacity depends on the total area of binding interface between the peptide (or growth factor) and its receptor. Since peptides are much smaller than growth factors, the binding capacity of peptides is much weaker than the growth factors.

Growth factors are far more potent, and thus delivering better results when used in anti-aging serums when compared with peptides.

Where can I purchase your Growth Factors?

  • Phone:
    • Australia: 1300 068 357
    • USA: 1-518-220-1500

For da Vinci 21, please contact your local cosmetic physician for the treatment, as da Vinci 21 can only be used with micro-needling or post laser resurfacing procedures.