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Hair Before and After

This client was a participant in a trial that included one micro-needling treatment with Factor G6 growth factors once a week for ten weeks, and then once a month. After the ten-week period, in the weeks between micro-needling, the client received low-level laser therapy to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp.

 Client at start of trial Client at six weeks


I used to have lots of short blonde 'fuzz', but now I have less fuzz and a greater amount of dark hairs. I noticed the biggest improvement at about 4 weeks, and my hair has maintained since then with regular low-level laser and monthly micro-needling.

I began the the Hair Growth program at the beginning of the year and I am very pleased to say that it really has worked for me. And by worked I don't just mean more hair, but more 'real' hair - my own natural hair really has started to grow back. The new hair began as a light fluff layer under my remaining hair after a couple of treatments. It gradually thickened and over time has grown and has now lengthened to blend in for a natural and consistent head of thicker and soft hair.