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Rent Now

Architects of Skin now offers rental options on all equipment over $2000.

Who can rent?

  • ABN holder
  • New venture or existing business
  • Drivers license
  • Short 12-month term than can be extended
  • 98% approval
  • No financials required for applications under $25k
  • Want to preserve capital


  • Off balance sheet funding
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Viable alternative to hiring or leasing
  • Diverse funding options (e.g. return the asset after 12 months with no penalty)

Rent for 12 months and then you can:

  1. Purchase the equipment at any time during the initial 12 months and receive 75% net rental rebate.
  2. Return the equipment at the end of 12 months rental agreement if your business needs change.
  3. Continue to rent - at a reduced rental rate
  4. Rent-to-own long-term funding after the initial 12 months rent.


We use FlexiCommercial to offer Operating Leases on business equipment.