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da Vinci 10 Growth Factors (Home Use)

Proven science, proven technology, proven results.

da Vinci 10 is an anti-aging serum containing 5 types of growth factor proteins specifically engineered in Korea for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. It contains 10,000 ng/ml of 5 different growth factors and is formulated with liposomal technology to enable it to be applied at home. The da Vinci Growth Factor Proteins work together with your skin to firm and brighten the look of skin. 

The high concentration of Growth Factor Proteins is not only the highest in the cosmetic industry, but it is composed of the purest Growth Factor Proteins in the industry. The variety of 5 different types of Growth Factor Proteins significantly enhances the capabilities of the product. Most competitive formulas only contain 1 type of Growth Factor. The unmatched level of purity in da Vinci Growth Factor Proteins (>99.9%) and the variety of Proteins lead to better results and makes this the ultimate skin rejuvenation solution.

da Vinci Growth Factors smooth & lessen the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Enriched with powerful antioxidants and moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid, da Vinci 21 reinforces the skin's immune function to safeguard future aging. Your skin reveals a softer, brighter, clarified and younger looking complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) plays an important role in our formula.

Our HA is a high Molecular weight, polyanionic polysaccharide and is naturally present in virtually all vertebrate tissues and fluids including the skin's extracellular matrix. HA has a strong and complex relationship with the skin both physicochemically and biologically. HA supports the skin's architecture. It governs the skin's elasticity, it is involved in migration and differentiation processes during wound healing and inflammation. We use HA in our formula for the following reasons:

  • Assist the delivery of the growth factors to the dermis for an effective treatment
  • Support the skin's architecture and elasticity
  • Encourage wound healing
  • Provide anti-inflammatory support to the skin

Growth Factor Protein Stability

There are a variety of cosmetic products on the market containing Growth Factor Proteins. None of them are as efficacious or as powerful as ours. Often when you purchase an anti-aging cream containing growth factors, the growth factors within the bottle are not very stable. This means, the Proteins begin to break down while present mixed in the cream or serum. By the time the product comes in contact with your skin, the Growth Factor Proteins have been broken down by the cream or serum and are not effective.

Architects of Skin understand the complex, scientific nature of Growth Factors and respect the product's stability. As such, we have designed a unique bottle containing two chambers. One for the HA serum and one for the growth factor protein powder. By keeping the two ingredients separate, we can guarantee 99.9% activity of our growth factors on your skin. 

How to Use

da Vinci 10 is formulated with liposomal technology that allows you to apply the serum on a daily basis at home. The liposomal technology enables the large Growth Factor Proteins to reach deep into the dermis where cell growth occurs.

  • To ensure the purity and strength of our Growth Factor Protein Complex, the Complex has been isolated in a freeze-dried state inside the bottle. Push the pump down on the top of the bottle to crack the seal isolating the Complex and gently rotate the bottle to mix the complex into the serum.
  • Pump a drop of the serum into the hand and then rub the serum into the skin. The number of drops used depends on the size of the target area of skin.
  • Repeat daily. When applying da Vinci 10 specifically to the face, one bottle generally can be used for 10+ applications. This will vary based upon the size of target surface area.

Once opened, it is recommended to refrigerate your da Vinci 10 bottle to best preserve its effectiveness. Warmer environments (Above 15°C/59°F) accelerate the natural degradation of Growth Factor Proteins that begins when the Growth Factor Complex (White Powder in the bottle) is mixed with the liquid serum. When refrigerated, the Growth Factor Proteins in the Complex remain at least 98% active for one month and at least 90% active for two months.

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