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Available in :

  • Blue/Red
  • Red/InfraRed

Product Feature

1. SMD LED lamps:  it has good heat-dissipation system, the output density and

effective results is much better than traditional DIP LED.

2. The light source is imported from Germany, it has a longer life span.

3. High output density, obvious treatment results. It has a very good feedback
from the market

4. 2400 led lamps, power total energy output to make sure the effective results.

5. Colorful touch screen.

6. Adjustable power : precise for clinic.

7. Smart size, easy for moving

Product Specification/Models
1. No side effects or downtime

2. Non-invasive and non-ablative therapy

3. No damage to sub-dermal tissue

4. Relaxing and comfortable treating experience

5. Compatible with existing skin rejuvenation techniqus such as Botox, IPL, Laser Resurfacing and cosmetic surgery such as peeling surgery

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