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Portable Diode Laser 808 + 755 + 1064nm

Portable Diode Laser - Hair Removal 26kg - Unique in Market
     *3 diodes 808nm +755nm +1064nm
     *Intelligent and expert mode
     *10 - 400ms pulse duration - allowing rapid movements
     *755nm can be used on light skin colour with soft light hair
     *1064nm can remove hair on dark skin
     *808nm can do all other skin types
     *spot size 5mm x 15mm
     *frequency can reach 20Hz more effective for in motion treatment
     *lightweight and portable 26kg - most LASER machines take up a room
     *1-20hz biggest in the market
     *easy to use touch screen interface
     *diode laser is imported from USA, manufactured in Asia
     *super strong cooling and radiator system make the treatment comfortable
     *continuous working for 10 hours

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